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I met this guy Lenny through a mutual friend last week; he was in from California and got VERY excited as we talked about the Salmon Fishing I've been doing. I brought Lenny out this weekend and wouldn't you know it, he was the first to land a fish! He fouled on this male Chinook, but considering it was his first time out ever, and he hadn't touched a flyrod in years, I think the look on his face says it all!
Keeping in the spirit, I didn't do too badly myself on late Saturday. Got this guy in the mouth "area", but that still qualifies as a foul. No biggie, this fish already had 3 flies in his dorsal (nice haul :) As you can see, the flurries are starting.

11-16-02 - Fishin with Lenny & Guppy; plenty to go around!

Rivers Fished: Milwaukee
Fish Caught: 2 fouled
Outing Date: 11-16-02
Weather: Overcast
Air Temp: COLD
Water Temp: COLDER
Water Level: LOW
Water Color: Mostly Clear
Fish Species: Coho, Chinook, Browns
Pattern Fished: mostly wollies and ESL's
Pattern Color: darks (blacks, reds etc...)
Fishing Quality: Below Expectations

So this weekend was rather special; earlier this week I met a guy through a friend who was in Chicago on business for 3 weeks. He noticed the flyrods in my car and we started talking...this guy was totally envious when I told him about the salmon fishing in SE WI. Well, I brought this guy, Lenny, out with me both days so he could get a taste! Needless to say he was impressed.

We got kindof a late start (my fault) and headed straight over to Dick's at Rt 31 & 11 in Racine to get Lenny his license and a pair of Hip Boots for $19 (can't go wrong at that price!). Considering Lenny had not handled a fly rod in several years, I thought the Milwaukee would be a good place to start, with the larger water and less opportunities to snag up on obstructions.

We dropped in around 3:00 and met up with "Guppy" and fished the area around Estabrook. I switched back and forth with the Purple Egg Sucking Leach and the Red/Black Wolly, concentrating on sited fish, mostly Coho in the shallows. At one point I tried the "Popsicle" (a marabou streamer / spey pattern) but the fish showed more interest in the ESL's.

Lenny got one first, fishing the riffles he pulled out a small male Chinook; rather ratty. I believe he fouled up on the tail...don't remember. We snapped a shot and let the fish go (afterall, this was the first salmon ever...I can't say I have a picture of MY first salmon, fair or foul!).

Well, I concentrated on a group of Coho and eventually tangled up...couldn't get the hook out, wasn't in the mood to snap the line, so I landed the fish and showed Lenny what a Coho looked like (in contrast to the Chinook he had landed). This Male had 3 flies in his dorsal (I fouled up around the mouth area, mighta flossed the fish) so I got a little treat out of the deal! Fish took off and is there for ya'll to catch. "Guppy" didn't hook up with anything, but if I remember correctly he faired a brown the day before (Friday) and had fouled on one Saturday. The rumor was that both browns and steelhead had been taken in Estabrook.

We left at 4:30 or so, the water already becoming too dark to see!

Fair Hooks!


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