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11-09-02 - Cohos on the Pike!

Rivers Fished: Pike River
Fish Caught: 1 fouled
Outing Date: 11-9-02
Weather: Partly Sunny
Air Temp: upper 50's
Water Temp: considerably warmer than last week, but still cool
Water Level: low
Water Color: clear
Fish Species: Coho
Pattern Fished: ESL's & Wollies
Pattern Color: mostly darks
Fishing Quality: better than last week

Yes, another rambling report. Well, Kenosha & Racine got some rain during the weekdays prior, so as promised, I headed to the Pike River on Saturday with a fallback plan of Milwaukee.

I arrived late, about 3:00. It quickly became apparent that there were still Coho in the river, many more than last week but nowhere near as many as two weeks prior. I definitely blame this on the insignificant amount of rainfall. I started below the bridge at A, fished the undercut banks and pool below "the island"; no takers. Moved upstream and found more fish holding in the riffles between 13 and A. Fished for a while when joined by a father teaching his young son how to fish; I must admit it's quite a treat. I hooked up with a Female Coho who went for the fly, missed, and got dorsal snagged; had to land her to remove the fly and took a moment to show the young guy the fish. Fished till about 4:45 (which is basically DARK now ;), caught up with the guy and his son and passed along the "never fail fly"; red-bodied black wolley bugger. I have to say this kids eyes lit up; that's what it's all about folks. Teach the younger generation to appreciate the rivers and treat them right.

Fair Hooks!


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