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Waded up the Pike into the Kenosha Country Club. This is the dam after the "3 Bridges" that you hear so much about. Take a good look and notice the 3 anglers working the small pool. Right now, I suspect this is the end of the line for ANY fish that are left in the Pike.
Not wanting to disturb the anglers, I waded back down. The following are a few shots of the Pike inside the Kenosha Country Clube as you head downstream from the dam back to 13th Street.
Again, the Pike inside the Kenosha Country Club.
The small falls into a big pool, just upstream of the Clubhouse. If the river was higher, many areas of the Pike would be too deep to wade; notice the high water mark. This pool was almost hip deep even with the river being so low! After going through all this, I personally don't think the trek is worth the potential hassles of dealing with the golfers and law enforcement (i.e. Trespassing arguments).
Later that day, I hit the Milwaukee for the first time. Not a good shot (not focused) but will give you an idea what to expect! The entire river was basically wadable with hip boots; seldom deeper than my knees. Definitely reminds me of some of the big western water I've fished (i.e. the Yellowstone at Lehardy's Rapids).
Lots of fish in the Milwaukee; granted most everything seems to be worn out; all 3 fish I landed "appeared fresh", but upon inspection Columnaris is taking over (i.e. Crusty). There are several fish visible in this shot.
A female Coho I landed; possibly fair but not 100% sure; looked like I may have hooked her on the exterior of her mouth. Picture didn't really turn out but still, proof that the Milwaukee did produce. "Guppy" faired better in my opinion; landed a nice 100% fair female Chinook that was STILL FRESH.

11-03-02 - The Pike and Milwaukee Rivers - LOTS OF FISH still around!

Rivers Fished: Pike & Milwaukee Rivers
Fish Caught: 3 Fouled
Outing Date: 11-3-02
Weather: Sunny Afternoon, Overcast Evening
Air Temp: 40's-50's
Water Level: LOW LOW LOW
Water Color: CLEAR
Fish Species: Chinooks & Coho
Pattern Fished: Mostly Wolley Buggers
Pattern Color: Black Tail, Black Hackle, Red Body
Fishing Quality: Pretty Good

After Saturday's performance, I figured the Pike may have still had more secrets to give up. Going on the tip provided by the angler on Saturday, I finally bit the bullet, got some hip waders and headed upstream. I wanted to see what the water that everyone talks about so much is like. To make a long story short, I took the long walk upstream into the Kenosha Country Club. I did have to step out once, but if the river was higher (as I'd seen it) I would have been getting out quite a bit as the water would have been too deep / dangerous in several spots. As I made my way upstream, I passed several anglers who were retiring for the day. Saw 3 Cohos on one stringer, and 8 fish on another (7 Coho, 1 Chinook; it was two guys, so no exceedence of the limit there). I however did not see or spook ANY fish on the way up. When I got the the dam, I found 3 anglers huddling around a tiny pool. Not really my kind of fishing, so I turned around and headed back downstream. On my way back I came across 2 fish; one crusty Coho and a second that was either a female coho or a steelhead. Whatever she was, she wasn't interested in ANYTHING I had to offer. Wasted too much time on the fish, so I headed out. A lot of walking for nothing if you ask me (although I'm sure some of those other guys may disagree). At this point I will NOT be returning to the Pike until there is some rainfall; I was informed that the river mouth is CLOSED, and by now I know that it's not going to open up again without some decent precipitation. Watch that River Flow Data and the weather forecasts.

"Guppy" and I had talked about hitting the Milwaukee on Sunday afternoon, so I put the call in. My backup plan was to hit the Root farther upstream at Quarry Park (as I have now joined the ranks of anglers with wading gear), but Guppy's call came and I headed farther north. We met up around 2:30 / 3:00 and wasted no time in getting wet. Being my first time on the Milwaukee, and having seen few fish on the Root / Pike, I was pleasantly surprised. The river was wide; reminiscent of some of the western rivers, and many fish were clearly visible.

There were maybe 2-3 other anglers on the river; thankfully the water was "low" and I was able to wade most anywhere I wanted to. I can't recall which area of the river we fished (Guppy, could you fill in the gap on this one?). On the north side of the stream I found several Coho holding in the faster, deeper water. My first one landed was possibly fair (she did move for the fly, again the red-bodied black wolley bugger) but was hooked on the exterior of the mouth, so I may have actually flossed this one. Her entire lower jaw was broken in half, and she was covered in columnaris (aka. the "Crust" you hear so much about). I landed two more Coho, again crusty, one fouled on the dorsal, the other on the apidose fin. Both were quickly released.

Arguably Guppy faired MUCH BETTER. He fouled up on a Coho that took him for quite a walk downriver. Towards the end of the evening (about 4:45) he hooked up again; trying for a bright red male coho he inadvertently got the attention of a Chinook. After a good fight he landed it; 100% fair and a beautiful female SANS CRUST! This fish swims again, and is there for you guys to find :)

So that about sums up this week's fishing. THANK YOU GUPPY for meeting up with me and showing me your local stomps; it's a FUN river!


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