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At the Pike River again, and yes, there are fish in there - here's a nice Coho that swam by while I was tying on! Sightfishing is great right now!
Another Coho (that's 2 for the year!). This time a great male that put up a good fight and will go well with some Teryaki on the BBQ!

10-27-02 - The Coho Run at the Pike is ON!

Rivers Fished: Pike River
Fish Caught: 1 fair, 3 foul
Outing Date: 10-27-02
Weather: Overcast
Air Temp: 50's
Water Temp: Cold
Water Level: LOW
Water Color: Clear
Fish Species: Coho, Chinook, Steelhead
Pattern Fished: Egg Sucking Leach
Pattern Color: Black w/ Chartreuse
Fishing Quality: A+

Yes, another rambling report, but this time I only fished 2 hours or so! The river is my mistress and I had to come give her my weekly visit, but this one was a quickie!

Arrived around 3:00 pm. I was on until about 5:15 at the latest! Again, at the bridge at A. Fished the riffles just below 13th Street and above the bridge at A. A couple of guys were fishing the pools immediately below 13th, whereas I choose to settle into the riffles.

So here's the cool part; the river is FULL of Coho! They were traveling in small packs of 3-4 fish...rapidly moving upstream. They would run, hold, run, hold etc... My estimate is that 40-50 Coho passed by me in the time I was out. I also saw a couple steelhead and a few Chinook that were at death's door, along with a couple larger salmon that could have been chinook, that were quite fresh. I have to say it's absolutely hilarious to watch these HUGE fish swimming upstream like a snowplow; I actually watch a big Chinook swim clear onto the bank! There were also some smaller, ca. 12" salmonids that I really couldn't figure out what they were (perhaps young steelhead). These fish were just white/silver, and very small. They really stood out.

So the fishing was great in my limited time out. The guys upstream shouted down that they were fishing home-made playdough (which, when you think about it, would probably work pretty well; hey, it's not that much different than the glo bugs we all use). Their hot colors were white and green. So I immediately tied on a black with chartreuse head egg sucking leech. I foul hooked one big, nasty Chinook (dorsal hook) as he was sitting in the hole with all the NICE fish. Also fouled up on two Coho...had to land one to get the hook off but he was on his way in no time.

So the highlight was a beautiful male coho, just starting to come into breeding dress with a couple splashes of pink. I drifted my egg-sucking leach down into a small pool (ca. 4 foot X 2 foot) in the middle of the riffles where the fish were holding up, and slowly retrieved it a couple inches at a time. Suddenly I felt a whack, not tough, but a definite hook up. Set the hook and the fight was on. Lots of thrashing and splashing 'cause the water is only 3-4" deep in some places...the fish ran downstream quite a way and then came back up, at which point I quickly landed the fish. A beautiful fair hook, just on the inside of the jaw. Quite a fun day! I have to thank the guys upstream who loaned me their stringer; THANKS! Hopefully you'll get to use it the next time you're out! It's very appreciated guys!

On the downside, I did see a couple guys as they were leaving who clearly took way past their limit in one day; I visually guessed at 20 VISIBLE fish on the stringer; it took both guys to lug it up the bank and they almost didn't make it. Come on, where is the DNR when you need them?!

And just for fun, once again I have pics! If you guys want Coho (which are fresh and fun right now) I'd head to the Pike; it was great fishing on Sunday evening!

Lot's of Fair Hooks for y'all!


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