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10-06-02 - They're here...

Rivers Fished: Pike & Root River
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 10-6-02
Weather:10-6-02, partly cloudy, rain from 5-6 pm.
Air Temp: variable - highs in the 60-70's, lows around 50.
Water Temp: cooler..maybe 60-65?
Water Level: moderate
Water Color: muddy, but clearer than previous weeks.
Fish Species: Chinook (aka. King Salmon)
Pattern Fished: various, see below
Pattern Color: mostly florescent orange and chartreuse
Fishing Quality: eh...moderate.

Another day...this time I figured I'd try the Pike. Again to the bridge at A. Probably about 1:30, maybe 2:00. NOTHING TO BE SEEN! The water level was significantly lower than the week prior. Tossed for about 10 minutes and met up with a great guy from Missouri. I decided it would be more fun to show him around and perhaps scope out the Root some we headed up there. First stop was Brose Park, then up to the Weir to show G the madhouse. Just as bad (if not worse) than Saturday. Counted at least 4 game wardens out, so that was good. The fish were still stacked up, but the weir was closed and the gates on the dams were OPEN...thus fish were bypassing the wier...that means fresh, non-wiered fish upstream today! Next stop was at the area at the back of Quarry Lake's parking lot. This is NICE steam here, but you HAVE TO WADE. Saw at least one Chinook pulled out in our 15 minute stop. Next stop, up to the Day's Inn and the dam. Another Madhouse with Game Wardens stopping snaggers but there were many more in the stream. This was arguably the worst place on the river was more like a tailgate party than anything else...shooting fish in a barrel. One more run back downstream, this time to check out Island Park (hadn't been there before either). It wasn't as crowded but the river was slow and sludgy. Lots of debris on the bottom. I stopped here and tossed a line for a good 45 minutes. This time tried a Wolly Bugger that "G" gave me; chartreuse with an orange head. Used an red glow bug dropper (size 6).

After a good 30 minutes I had one hookup, possible fair. Only stayed on the line for a minute. "G" decided he couldn't wait until tomorrow (and I can't blame him) so we grabbed him a license at Dicks on 31 & 11 and shot back down to the Pike. We had about an hour of legal fishing time left and we made good use. "G" used a green wolly bugger with weight...I stuck with my setup. We both got in above the riffles between the bridge on A and the one just north of A + Y. "G" managed to find a couple kings in the pools just below a fallen tree which created a natural "dam" and hooked up within his first 5 minutes of fishing! Fish ran upstream, hit the dam, turned around and charged. Salmon 1, "G" 0. I took a swim (unintentionally) and ended up heading down to the bridge on A. Apparently some fish are moving upstream in the Pike, as there was a good 6 or 7 holed up just above the riffles under the bridge. Some moved upstream and about every 5 minutes another would come shuffling up the riffles to rest in the pool. Also happened to see a small Northern Pike jumping out of the water...interesting. I guess there should be Pike in the Pike River LOL! Well, I ended up striking one was interested in what I was throwing. "G" gave it a little longer but didn't manage any better.

Finally as we were heading out (in my case muddy, wet, and cold) we met up with another fly-caster who filled us in on his luck...apparently several legal bites (he was fishing below the riffles, other side of the bridge). He was using a black bead-head wolly bugger.

So that's about it. I'll be out there every weekend until I can tell you all I brought one to shore LOL!


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