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10-05-02 - They're here...

Rivers Fished: Root River
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 10-5-02
Weather: Sunny
Air Temp: variable - highs in the 60-70's, lows around 50.
Water Temp: cooler..maybe 55-65?
Water Level: medium
Water Color: muddy, but clearer than previous weeks.
Fish Species: Chinook (aka. King Salmon)
Pattern Fished: various, see below
Pattern Color: mostly florescent orange and chartreuse
Fishing Quality: eh...moderate.

Trying to be brief on this one :) Went out late 'cause I took my buddy and he was draggin a$$. Arrived at the Root about 3:45 and immediately noticed that this was the biggest madhouse I've seen yet this year. River was higher than last weekend but not as high as a couple weeks prior. Took my buddy up to the wier to show him around..the fish were stacked shoulder to shoulder below the weir...all within the refuge area. We avoided Lincoln Park altogether...instead we went down and fished directly below the riffles at Brose Park. Used an orange glo bug with a chartreuse glowbug dropper. Plenty of slight snags that I simply did not set and allowed the fish to pass, but had two fair thrown almost immediately as a huge King jumped 2 feet out of the water...beautiful fish! Then my buddy had one on (same rig). Continuing, it was the nice gentleman to my left who hooked up (again, same rig, but larger flies...perhaps size 2 or 4). Watched it run downstream and get away. Then it was my turn again...hooked up...ran downstream and simply lost the fish..didn't snap the line but must not have set the hook well. All of this action occurred towards 6 pm. The setup was nice...toss the flies into the far side of the riffles and drift it down into the deep pool below. NO split-shot...just the weight of the hooks to sink them. Found myself getting snagged up in the bottom too often when I had the split shot on. The most important FYI, all the fish hooked up with that evening took the chartreuse glow bug droppers.


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