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9-28-02 - A good SOLID weekend starts here!

Rivers Fished: Root River, Pike River
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 9-28-02
Weather: Sunny
Air Temp: pleasant
Water Temp: cooler..maybe 55-65?
Water Level: medium
Water Color: muddy
Fish Species: Chinook
Pattern Fished: various, see below
Pattern Color: florescents
Fishing Quality: decent

So here's the deal...another weekend spent searching the Kenosha and Racine County Lake Michigan's the rundown.

Saturday; arrive at the Root around 3:00 pm. River was VERY low; water muddy. A few salmon were easily spotted in the "deeper" pools and were being sight-fished. Did not appear to be biting. A lot of pressure for just a couple fish. Immediately upstream of the wier saw nothing...I'm sure they ran for the hills the second they were passed through. Gave a few brief tosses with a "Popsicle" streamer and orange glo-bug dropper but gave up pretty quick. Headed downstream to see if anything was coming up...nothing.

I quickly gave up and headed for the pike. Apparently the rumor was that some kids had dug out the sandbar that can close off the mouth of the river to the lake. There were again many anglers both in the lake and immediately inside the mouth. From my opinion, they seemed to be doing much better. Saw several Chinook taken. Apparently all were on spawn-sacs. Again using my popsicle/glo bug combo, this time I did manage one hookup which was quickly lost. Water was again murky, but being deeper here you couldn't see the fish. Stayed until 9:00 pm and watch several fish pulled out...activity dropped off immediately after sunset.

A bit of rain overnight (stayed in Lake Como with my folks). Mixed up some doughbalz and figured I'd kill the evening 'Carpin'. Nothing there either!


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