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9-8-02 - The Upper Clark Fork at the first access west of Galen.
And the Upper Clark Fork again, at the second access west of Galen.

9-8-02 - Montana Part III - Upper Clark Fork

Rivers Fished: Upper Clark Fork
Fish Caught: 0
Outing Date: 9-8-03
Weather: Clear Sun
Air Temp: 60-70's
Water Temp: N/A
Water Level: N/A
Water Color: Clear
Fish Species: "Trout" - I honestly don't remember what was supposed to be here!
Pattern Fished: Mostly Terrestrials and streamers
Pattern Color: Assorted
Fishing Quality: More Frustration

Our third fishing day saw us on a departure from the Missoula area...we would slowly be working our way back towards Chicago over the next day or two.

Alright, 2 days of no fish on the Blackfoot. Somehow we ended up at the Upper Clark Fork...either PeterM or Kingfisher or both or the book we had with us...something got us here. Maybe it was the 2000 trout per mile we read about that convince us this was worth a shot.

Well, go figure. I can sum up this outting very quickly...we sighted ONE trout the entire day. Ok, Dan sighted a second LARGE trout (at least 16-18"). We simply started at the top and worked our way back west, heading downstream, fishing at each access. NOT A SINGLE BITE...what's up with that?!

Well, I will say that the Upper Clark Fork was another day well spent all the you can see from the pictures it was gorgeous. We had a decision to make, Glacier Park or Yellowstone. Turn the page...


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