The 2nd Annual "Pet Fly Smackdown"
Payback's a Fish , 2004

"Lifted" from FAT's Forum and preserved forever!

Heath's Venison Chili.

Start by mincing 1 white onion, 5-6 large tomatoes,
and 5-8 jalapenos/green chilies.

Place in a pot of boiling water and stew until soft.

Brown 2 pounds ground venison in a 5 quart pot. When meat is browned drain off grease and place
back on heat.

Drain veggies and add to meat in large pot.

Add 5-6 cans of kidney beans. I usually use 2
regular sized cans of dark reds and 2 large cans of
beans in mild sauce. Drain beans before adding.

Add two small cans of tomato paste to mix.


Add 3 oz of franks hot sauce, tabasco mild, or
louisiana hot sauce.


Stew on low heat for about one hour.

Stir frequently.

This recipe is mallable and can be adjusted to taste.
This is also a LARGE recipe and make about 5
quarts of chili.

The flavor saturates the mixture if placed in
refrigerator over night and reheated. This also
thickens the chili.

For a thinner chili do not drain beans. And use an
equal amount of tomato sauce in lieu of using the

Thats it. enjoy.