The 2nd Annual "Pet Fly Smackdown"
Payback's a Fish , 2004

"Lifted" from FAT's Forum and preserved forever!

FATMATT & SKINNY MITCH's Deep Fried Turkey

Neil the low down on the turkey is this... I used Tony Chachere's original creole seasoning. Only because I couldnt find my normal which is Shore Lunch Brand Turkey Gourmet seasoning rub in either the Original or the Traditional.

The injector I use is the Cajun Injector Creole Butter. I like just about all the injectable marinades, by Cajun Injector except for garlic butter, and of course Man Gravy is definitly a NO NO in my book. Even if the "Man Salad" is being served!!!

Temp is 350 degrees. Time is 3 minutes per pound + 5 to the total. I.E. at 15lb bird is 3*15=45+5=50 minutes. I have tried this with a 22lb wild bird that the skinny kid shot. There is more breast meat than a store bought bird. Unfortunately the thighs and legs were, tough doesnt really describe it, so I will go with ROCK SOLID.

A buddy at work told me that he put his wild bird in an oven bag, covered with bacon strips, baked it according to a store bought bird's directions, and it was "AWESOMELY TENDER" (his statement). Hope that helps!!