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Links - Wisconsin Fishing Links

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Wisconsin Fishing Reports

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Wisconsin River Flow / Temp Data

  • USGS - this is where your flow data actually comes from!

  • Flow Data from the USGS via the Steelhead Site - easier to navigate than going directly to the USGS website but some links may be broken.

  • Gumbo's River Conditions - Bob pulls the data from the USGS more often than their own website - only covers the Pike, Root, Oak and Milwaukee Rivers, but it will always be the MOST current of the three.

  • Michigan Sea Grant Coastwatch - Lake Michigan Surface Conditions - between the flows, the weather and the lake suface temps you can start to figure out if the fish are close to shore or far out.

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Wisconsin Weather Data

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Wisconsin Fishing License Info

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Wisconsin Fishing Regulations

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Wisconsin Maps / Access Points / Waterbody Info

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Wisconsin DNR

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Wisconsin Fly Fishing Guides, Fishing Guides & Charters*

*A note about the guides I link to - I'm only going to list folks I've fished with or know REALLY well. I've always considered a link to a guide to be my personal endorsement; I'm not going to send YOU to someone I don't know firsthand (and therefore can't really recommend).

  • Rambling Reports Guide Services - Yes, you can hire me to guide you on your next tributary outing. Check out the Guide Section to learn more.

  • RETIRED From Guiding - The Fatman! (WI) - you may know him as Fishin Fatman, Fish Fat, Fatman's Flyfishing Guides, Fatman's Fly Fishing Guide Service or even just "FAT", but regardless of the nicknames Rich Brown is an awesome guide and will always be one of my first recommendations (see the 12-22-02 report where FAT guided my brother on the Pike, and again on 9-22-03 where he did it again)! Give Rich a call if you're new to the rivers, he'll set you straight in minutes! Heck, Rich gets out Spring and Fall to have a FAT DAY (i.e. 3-19-04) - free for anyone to attend and learn the ropes of Tributary Fly Fishing.

    Rich is the Root River master, but he'll also guide you on the Pike, Milwaukee, whichever is fishing the best at the time of your outting. His Iowa Trips are awesome, see most of my 2003 Iowa dates and he was probably out and about too. I fish with Rich a lot; it is a real treat to consider him one of my "Fishin-Buddies"! I just can't say enough good things about FISHIN FAT.

  • Retired From Guiding? - Troutwalker Guide Service - formerly Nardo's Fly Fishing (WI) - Frank Nardomarino, he's guiding all over Southern WI for trout, steelhead and salmon. Excellent guide for Inland WI Trout, especially Black Earth Creek. SE WI Steelhead too. I know he likes to stomp around the Sheboygan! Frank is a first class guide from what I hear he prepares mouthwatering streamside lunches in addition to everything else he does I've tried his recipe for Mango Citrus Salsa Trout which meets with phenomenal reviews every time, that should tell you something right off the bat. Spent a weekend (7-26-03, 7-27-03) in Iowa with Frank just doing some friendly fishing and we both had a great time! Want to unlock the secrets of wild Inland Trout? You must go out with Frank for a day!

  • Fishmiester Charters (WI) - Capt. Rich Gorske heads up one of my two favorite charters in WI waters. What do you need in a Charter? First, someone who really, truly knows what they're doing. Second, someone who's insane enough to break through the ice to get to the hottest spots on the lake in the depths of winter (see 1-10-04)! I had a BLAST heading out with Capt. Rich and Mike, and look forward to doing it again! When you need your fix of salmonids and they're not in the streams, I highly suggest a trip with Capt. Rich!

  • Screaming Minnow Charters (WI) - If Fishmiester is one of my favorites then you know Screaming Minnow Charters is my other! Capt. Mike Richow specializes in "how to" experiences and the more "unusual" adventures like our Extreme Ice Fishing for browns on the big pond in JANUARY. Check out the 8-1-04 report when Mike came on as Capt. Rich's fist mate - get these two guys together and prepare the Ben-Gay for your sore arms!

  • Retired from Guiding? - Team PB (WI) - Another one of my favorite "pros" to fish with. A I've met up with John a couple times on the tribs (i.e. 4-1-04) and out for western Wisconsin Trout (check out our crazy day on 7-25-04)! John is always fun to talk with; that usually translates into a good guide you'll be happy to spend time on the water with. Team PB does much more than guided fishing; check out things like wilderness expeditions and 4X4 Offroad Driver Training.

  • Retired from Guiding! Driftless Area Trout Adventures (WI) - Len Harris IS the Trout Hunter. The name pretty much sums up what Len Harris does :) I read that he once said he's "not a fly fishing guide, but a hunter of Big Trout". Heck he even has some of those bruisers NAMED! Len's weapon of choice - spinning gear or big flies - and he slams more large inland WI trout than anyone else I know. Len also offers photographic documentation of your trip as well, including a 8 X 10 glossy of the "Photo of the Day". After two prior scuttled attempts, I finally got to document Len's special ability on 9-4-04! It's a MUST READ.

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Wisconsin Fly Shops / Tackle Shops

None to list right now.

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Wisconsin Fishing-Related Clubs

  • Milwaukee Lake & Stream Fly Fishers - Milwaukee Lake and Stream Fly Fishers, Inc. are men and women with all levels of fly fishing skills and experience. They enjoy fly fishing for everything from bluegills to bonefish in environments from small ponds and streams to the oceans. What they have in common is a commitment to sportsmanship and conservation, and the personal enjoyment which comes from the sport of fly fishing (take from their "About MLSFF" page).

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Other Wisconsin Links Of Interest

  • - a large selection of Wisconsin Fly Fishing Related Links!

  • - Jason Neuswanger's site EXPLODED onto the Trout Scene in 2003. Entemology, underwater photography. Yes, is more of a subject-based site (and it'll be linked appropriately too) but ya gotta remember he's WI all the way!

  • Brad (formerly The Afton Angler) - Brad Bohen's site - new site, forum and such...think "upper WI" trout fishing

  • Anything Wisconsin - just like the name says - it's anything that's Wisconsin! If you haven't found it above, maybe here?!

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