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These are the select links I use on a regular basis; no fly fisherman should be without them! The most essential links are listed first!

(reports, flows, weather, locations, DNR info, clubs, shops, general interest)

Links By Topic / Subject
(general information)

Yup...I'm slowly removing the links below as they get placed in their appropriate pages!

General Steelheading / Salmon Fishing Information - one of the first places I came across when searching for info on the web. An excellent starting point and ongoing reference - someone put WAY TOO MUCH WORK into this site. Arguably the best source of steelheading tactics and patterns anywhere online.
The Steelhead Site - Tom has spent a lot of time putting together all sorts of useful information!
Gumbo's Fishing Home - There's a lot of neat stuff here...even some rare info that could be valuable to those who really want to learn the history and fine details of fishing for steelies and salmon.

Run-Timing Data

Run Times Chart at The Steelhead Site

Outfitters / Guides / Charters / Taxidermists

  • Angling Artisan (NY) - I found Rich Benedict via eBay, and now he's ONLINE. What can I really say here except he's the ONLY taxidermist I'd personally recommend? Sure, I've met a few who are good, FAT knows a local guy who does nice work, but Rich is the best (and I only, as a rule, recommend THE BEST). After looking at countless other taxidermist's work online, Rich's is the only taxidermist whose work doesn't look like a "rendition"; instead Rich captures the EXACT detail of the fish right down to the tipped scales. Every piece that I've seen by Angling Artisan is a masterpiece, not to mention the 10" Brook Trout Reproduction I had done (STUNNING WORK).

  • SilverDoctor - (WI) Guide Bob Blumriechfor Milwaukee, Sheboygan, & Manitowoc Rivers

  • Rob Estlund (WI) - Guiding for salmon & steelhead as well as providing casting lessons and other services. The founder of "Spey Days".

  • John Giuliani (Ontario) - Thinking you want to try the Soo (Sault. St. Marie / St. Mary's Rapids) area. THIS IS YOUR MAN. Got to meet him on my first trip to Canada...he is a must hire if you need some help!

Salmon / Spey Fly Patterns & Tying - so many fly patterns throughout the site you'll be lost in it for days!
Ron Lucas Sr. - How to Dress Salmon Flies - Arguably the authoritative guide with full instructions for tying Salmon, Dee and Spey flies.
Gumbo's Recipe Book - Gumbo just redid his fly pages, and WOW! He's still updating it too! - See "Fly Swaps" for TONS of really outstanding Spey Patterns - Between the catalog and gallery there are plenty of outstanding fly patterns!

General Steelhead / Salmon Fly Patterns & Tying

Steelheading101 - The fly section has most every standard Great Lakes Fly Pattern you'll need to fill your box!


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