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Client Testimonials

The best way to learn more about guide services is by learning what former clients have to say. Rambling Reports clients are welcome to send their comments to be posted here!

Chris & Connor Nelson - 9-20-08 and 9-21-08 - Iowa Trout Fishing / Fly School

"Connor and I are hooked (not so clever use of words) on fly fishing after our wonderful time spent in NE Iowa with you.  Thank you so much for you patience with us as we slowly learned the many aspects that go into being successful on the water. 
Again, we had no idea of what to expect but were thrilled with the weather, the beauty of a part of our state that we had no idea existed and the abundant info we learned from your expertise.  We will be in touch in the future as we struggle up the learning curve!
Thank you again for the pictures!  Our family is quite jealous that they didn't share in the experience but I am hopeful it will be for Connor one of those "always remember that time with Dad" events that are so cool."

- Chris Nelson


Mike Otte - 5-5, 5-6 and 5-7-06 - Iowa Trout Fishing

"Guys I had a blast. It was a bit frustrating at times considering I landed about 10% of what hit, but, I caught 2 really nice fish and was very happy with that. The scenery was great, the time on the water was valuable and the cabin kicked a$$. Matt thanks again for getting us out there, getting us on fish, and providing a good time. It was great to see both of you again. We'll have to do it again."

- Mike Otte

Derek Light - 5-5, 5-6 and 5-7-06 - Iowa Trout Fishing

"Matt you are an excellent teacher and I would recommend that anyone that wants learn about fly fishing spend a weekend with you."

- Derek Light


Bob & Krystal Brown- 4-22-06 - SE WI Steelhead Trip

"WE had a really great time yesterday. Thanks for guiding us!"

- Bob Brown, aka. "Gumbo"


Jeff Hoyer- 3-25-06 - SE WI Steelhead Trip

"Thanks again for the great day. I can't believe I actually landed two nice steelies on my first trip. I am going to practice my casting too so that I make better deliveries. Thanks again for all your help. Next time I will bring my son Matt with me."

- Jeff Hoyer

Ken Barnes - 11-19-05 - Root River Coho Salmon/Brown Trout Trip

"Thanks for the fun trip. You are great guide and we really enjoyed fishing with you. I have fished with 15 or more guides in my life and I would rate you there with the best of them. On our trip back we talked about how cool the Root River is and the fact that such large fish can stay in such skinny water. Thanks!"

- Ken Barnes

Dan - 10-11-05 - Milwaukee River King Salmon Trip

"Thanks again for a great day on the river. It was terrific to have a guide who was so willing to teach and explain things rather than just point the client towards the fish. I can't wait to see the pictures!"

- Dan

Gary Robe - 10-14-05 - Milwaukee River King Salmon Trip

"My dad and I had an absolute blast that morning. A big thanks for sharing your Milwaukee river and fly fishing techniques knowledge. The following week, I'd bet my dad and I caught 50+ fish flying fishing the Milwaukee river....Thanks for making this fishing trip a great experience."

- Gary Robe

Paul Rechterman- 6-18-05 - Fish Fat Iowa Fly Fishing School, MP Instructor

"Matt was our instructor at Fish Fat Iowa Fly Fishing/Casting School for my wife and I in June. Since Matt made our custom fly rods (#'s 28 & 29 - MP), we decided to learn how the correct way to fish with these beautifully made fly rods."

"Matt's passion for fishing is only equaled by having his students feel confident in themselves. His patience and willingness for us to have a pleasurable experience along the way only added to the enjoyment during our time on the trout streams. Ann & I both value Matt as a friend and fishing partner. We recommed Matt as a guide for your fishing experience. His concern for the enviornment and fisheries are a credit to him and all who learn from him. He will work hard, giving you instruction and pointers…and you may even catch fish, but that is only the final reward. Having Matt as a guide/instructor was and experience that we will enjoy for a long time."

- Paul L. Rechterman

Michael Otte - 5-14-05 & 5-15-05 - Fish Fat Iowa Fly Fishing School, MP Instructor

"I just wanted to say thanks so much for the great time I had fishing. I learned so much about fly fishing, from tying knots (even wind knots), to casting, to reading streams, to locating the food source of trout. I love to bass fish, but this took fishing to a whole different level. I haven't stopped talking about my trip yet. I can say it was honestly one of the best times I've ever had."

- Mike Otte

John McClelland - 4-18-05 - Root River Steelhead Trip

"I learned a great deal, gained some confidence, caught some fish, and had a great time. Matt was everything I'd want and expect from a guide, and then some - I'd gladly spend time on the water with him again."

- John McClelland

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