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What's Provided?

I am happy to provide whatever instruction and guidance you may need! I've been fly fishing for the last 18 years on both lakes and streams - I can help you get on target and into more fish. I can also help you break nasty habits. The day can be as simple as "cast there" or we can get as deeply into theory, practice and tactics as you'd like.

Service Options

Unlike most guides, I over a few different levels of service and guiding options. This allows you to customize your trip to be exactly what you're looking for at the price that best suits your wallet. Service levels are selected when booking your trip.

  • Pro Guide Service Level - 100% your traditional guided trip. Focused attention and service for your entire overall fishing experience. Even if you have no experience and just want to come and catch fish, great. I'll tie your knots and flies, net your fish, have a rod ready should you break off, coach you every step of the way from hookset to landing. In every respect, the full-service trip.

  • Team Fishing Service Level - a lot of guides (and authors) will tell you that it's absolutely a crime for your fishing guide to actually fish himself during a guided trip. Rubbish! Whether your guide should fish or not depends entirely on what you need from the guide.

    If you're an experienced fly angler who doesn't need someone tying his knots, landing his fish, potentially coaching his every move, this may be the perfect service level for you. Team Fishing is even more effective at dissecting the day's angling problems; you have another highly experienced angler (your guide) as an actively participating member of your fishing party. Having another line in the water means quicker results, especially on tough fishing days. I'm still going to put you, the client, on the absolute best water while I fish secondary spots. I'm not planning to disappear downstream unless we agree that some scouting is in order. I'll still provide flies if you need them, but would rather show you what YOU have in your box that will work.

  • Trip Photography - As you can see from my reports, I love nothing more than capturing the memories of every day spent on the water. All guided trips at all service levels include hi-resolution print quality digital photography at no additional charge. A .zip file containing ALL the original images shot during your outing is posted online for download (high speed connections recommended) - you can download and print as you please. I am also able to provide images on CD, quality prints and enlargements - fees are quoted on a project-by-project basis.

See locations for service level rates.

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