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Iowa Trout - Customized Spring Creek Fly Fishing 365 days a year!

Fishing Iowa's Inland Trout

There's a huge wealth of information on this site regarding the best small stream trout fishing in the Midwest, located in the Northeast Corner of Iowa. The scenery rivals, if not surpasses, anything you may find in Minnesota or Wisconsin. And with a year round trout season, you can practically go to Iowa ANYTIME and have excellent fly fishing opportunities - unlike neighboring SW WI and SE MN, Iowa's trout season is 24/7/365 - open YEAR ROUND.

The fishing? In my opinion Iowa has simply the best fishing in the driftless region. Average fish size is 12', whereas neighboring states fall closer to the 8-9' range. Action is more consistent - I've never had a day where I went without a bite.

I target Iowa's Inland Trout with rods ranging from 6 to 9 feet in length in weights from 2 to 5. Graphite fly rods are standard and a wide variety are available for your use. For those looking for the unique or considering the purchase of a bamboo fly rod, well, you can rent a bamboo fly rod for your trip!. Double Taper lines work exceptionally well when tight quarters dictate roll casts. Often times, leaders as light as 8X (2lb test or less!) are required in the clearest of streams!

For individuals planning on bringing their own supply of flies, make sure your box includes small beadhead nymphs (18's and 20's), Elk Hair Caddis (12-16), Griffith's Gnats (20) and Wolley Buggers (6-10). There's plenty of other patterns that work, but without these you could very well go fishless!

Over 40 of Iowa's Inland Trout Streams support natural reproduction. In most year-round streams, a fantastic two-tiered fishery includes both wild and 'put & take' stocked trout fisheries. If you want to target wild fish, great! If you want to fish mandated C&R waters, great! If you want to keep a bag limit of stockers, you won't see me bat an eye (they taste great pan-fried). I do however strongly encourage catch and release fishing as a general practice, and ask that all wild fish are released.

If you are looking for a full-service fly fishing school, I suggest booking one of the weekend dates with Rich Brown (aka. Fishin' Fatman) for his Iowa Trout Schools. Extremely affordable, and well, I'll already be there helping out as an instructor!!

However, if you are looking for a weekday or weekend trip, extended multi-day outing, or non-school weekend trip, I highly suggest contacting me to plan your customized Iowa trip. Having currently fished 46 of Iowa's designated inland trout streams (South Pine and McLeod Run are the only two I haven't been to), I can confidently find the perfect match for you. I am willing to consider any area as our base of operation, and can help arrange lodging etc. In other words, I will do my absolute best to plan a custom Iowa experience to meet your every desire.

Iowa Trout - what do clients need to provide?

Transportation - You gotta get there. I am happy to meet up and caravan to IA, or meet you at a predetermined spot in IA. I often stream hop throughout the day, and much of our IA driving is gravel roads. Plan accordingly.

Equipment - Rods, Reels, lines, leaders, tippets and flies are all provided at no additional cost.

Apparel and Wading Gear - I do not provide wading gear and honestly, all that's needed is either a $5 pair of Aquasox (Walmart) or maybe a pair of hip waders (can be found for as little as $20). Bring whatever wading gear you like - I usually just got the wet-wading route as the vast majority of fishing is done from the bank. It is also wise to bring a rain slicker - we fish in the rain unless the thunder starts rolling in. I personally suggest bringing 50% more clothes than you'd normally use during a trip - spare pairs of everything is a good idea. Polarized Sunglasses are essential; you'll need to bring some. The $10 kind work just's not uncommon to lose them.

Comforts and Hygiene - Bring your toothbrush, insect repellent, etc.

Food - Meals are not included; we have a variety of options. By no way am I the shore lunch guru, I'm the guru of keeping things SIMPLE. I am however happy to discuss all of our meal options; Casey's Pizza is great for a lunch break (if it's nearby) or we can always go the cooler route with things like Sandwhiches and such! I am also in the know with a couple really good local joints, and am considering locating a good caterer for shore lunches.

Lodging - When it comes to lodging for overnight and multiple day trips, my prime suggestion continues to be the Sportsman's Motel in Dorchester, Iowa (Cathy & Jack - 563-497-3615). Rates run around $45 for two people. There are also a couple options if you're looking for a cabin - Big Joes is a great Option (see my IA Links Page). As mentioned above, if you'd like to center your trip around a different region within the Northeast Corner, just let me know and we'll figure it out! Of course, if you're the type that likes to camp, I can put you on several different options.

Waivers & Agreements - Prior to your trip, you will be required to sign a liability waiver, as well as photo release form and equipment rental agreement (if necessary).

Deposits - A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of your trip cost is required to hold your dates.

Iowa Trip Rates

  • Single Day Pro Guide Customized Iowa Trips - $450 for 1 or 2 anglers, up to 8 hours on the water.

  • Multiple Day Pro Guide Customized Iowa Trips - $450 for the first day, $350 each additional day, for up to 2 anglers, up to 8 hours on the water per day.

  • Team Fish Rates - subtract 30% from the above Pro Guide rates.

  • 3 or more Anglers? - inquire for special rates - multiple guides are available to handle your larger fishing parties.

  • Iowa Bamboo Experience - add $50 per rod rental per day. Limit 2 maximum anglers.

  • Gratuities are solely at the discretion of the client.

Rambling Reports Iowa Guiding Season

I'm willing to discuss a trip for ANY season and date I have available, but these are the general times of year I will be focusing on Iowa:

  • Late May - Late August
  • Mid December - Mid February

Book your customized Iowa Trout Trip Today! - email or call my 24/7 cell at 847-732-7333.

Fishing Iowa's Inland Trout
Happy Iowa Anglers
Iowa's Inland Trout (Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout)
Breathtaking Panoramic Scenery!






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