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Tributary Browns (Seeforellens)
Tributary Browns (Domestic)

SE WI Great Lakes Brown Trout - Browns you measure in pounds, not inches!

Surprisingly not all that well known, SE WI offers some wonderful opportunities to catch trophy brown trout. With recent fish approaching the proportions of the World Record, this isn't a fishery to be overlooked. Average Brown Trout can run anywhere from 5lb to 20lb+++! The battle with a brown trout is often described as 'bulldogging'; these fish hunker down, run deep, shake their heads and never give up. With a general season running from Late Summer through Spring, there are almost always big brown trout available to anglers, you just have to know where to look!

Starting in late Summer, we target browns in the Harbors. The usual tactics include distance casting with spoons. Strikes are hard to miss...these fish simply HAMMER offerings. During the dawn and dusk hours, these fish can also be effectively targeted with the fly rod as the cruise the rocks in search of a meal. At night, most anglers chose to bait fish for these 24 hour predators.

As fall approaches, some brown trout will move into the tributaries in search of easy meals behind the spawning salmon. As the weather cools, usually in November, the brown trout themselves start to spawn. Spawning activity can continue until ice up; some of the best days to target tributary brown trout on the fly rod are in early December...tust me we'll usually have the rivers all to ourselves.

Once the tributaries are frozen over and otherwise unproductive, the focus shifts to the 'Bluewater' opportunities. SE WI has a booming winter Brown Trout fishery on Lake Michigan - for the Fly Angler addicted to the 'Big Fish', this is simply one of the best times to get out in a boat and FLY FISH the big pond, provided you can brave the cold! This is, by far, the BEST brown trout fishing of the year - typically it lasts through March.

During ice out on the tributaries, browns which have overwintered in the tributaries as well as fresh run fish show up. These populations of fish seem to drop off as the fresh runs of steelhead make their way into the tributaries. It is possible to encounter a brown trout in the Tributaries ANY time of year, but spring is usually a leaner time for browns - steelhead are the main spring fishery. Harbors can again heat up in the early spring!

SE WI Brown Trout - what do clients need to provide?

Transportation - You gotta get there. When tributary fishing, we may opt to fish more than one stream per day. You should be prepared to make a 15 or 20 minute drive from one location to the next.

Equipment - Rods, Reels, lines, leaders, tippets and flies are all provided at no additional cost.

Apparel and Wading Gear - Dress appropriately for conditions - layers work great for 'heat control' throughout an outing. For winter 'Bluewater' fishing, I generally wear at least FOUR layers of clothing PLUS a down jacket. Gloves and a warm hat are essential. Check out the weather forecasts before your trip - you don't want to be miserable and have to cut an outing short. Do not forget WARM SOCKS!

I do not provide wading gear, which is only required for Tributary Fishing. Hip boots will work in most situations, although chest waders are preferable.

Polarized Sunglasses are essential when fishing just about anywhere and anytime; you'll need to bring some. The $10 kind work just's not uncommon to lose them.

Food - Meals are not included; we have a variety of options. By no way am I the shore lunch guru, I'm the guru of keeping things SIMPLE. I am however happy to discuss all of our meal options.

Lodging - If you are coming up from out of town and could use some help with lodging, just ask. There's a variety of good places to stay in SE WI.

Waivers & Agreements - Prior to your trip, you will be required to sign a liability waiver, as well as photo release form and equipment rental agreement (if necessary).

Deposits - A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of your trip cost is required to hold your dates.

SE WI Great Lakes Brown Trout Rates

  • 4 Hour Tributary/Harbor Pro Guide Trips - $300 for 1 or 2 anglers, up to 4 hours.

  • 8 Hour Tributary/Harbor Pro Guide Trips - $450 for 1 or 2 anglers, up to 8 hours.

  • Tributary/Harbor Trips for 3 or more Anglers? - inquire for special rates - multiple guides are available to handle your larger fishing parties.

  • Team Fish Rates - subtract 30% from the above rates.

  • Tributary Bamboo Experience - add $50 per rod rental per day. Limit 2 maximum anglers.

  • Centerpin Outings - add $25 per rod rental per outing. Currently limit 1 maximum angler.

  • 'Bluewater' Winter Browns on the Fly with Capt. Mike Richow - $350, 1 or 2 anglers, 5 hour sunrise trips. Also available 7 days a week. Flexible scheduling is beneficial...wind, waves and ice conditions need to be OK. Includes 2 guides for your trip - Capt. Mike Richow (captian and traditional guru) and Matt Pedersen (fly fishing guide & somewhat experienced mate). If the fly fishing is slow, we can always switch to conventional gear and troll. These tend to be FANTASTIC trips.

  • Gratuities are solely at the discretion of the client.

Rambling Reports Great Lakes Brown Trout Guiding Season

I'm willing to discuss a trip for ANY season and date I have available, but these are the general times of year we should chase Great Lakes Brown Trout:

  • Tributary Browns (Seeforellens) - November
  • Tributary Browns (Domestic) - November - February (when open water)
  • Harbor Browns - February - April (when open water), August-September
  • 'Bluewater' Browns - December - March (when open water & safe conditions are present)

Book your personal Brown Trout Trip Today! - email or call my 24/7 cell at 847-732-7333.

Harbor Browns
Bluewater Browns


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