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Southeastern Wisconsin (SE WI) Lake Michigan Tributaries - the Pike River

As of winter 2004/2005, the Pike River has undergone dramatic changes, starting with the removal of the Kenosha Country Club dam. New modifications to the stocking program for the Pike River will create some surprises (both good and bad) in the fishery over the next few years. Formerly considered an "easy" river by some (if you were willing to wade to the dam), the now 30+ miles of fishable water and relatively low stocking levels (when compared to other tributaries of similar size) will make this one of the more challenging rivers in the years to come. Thankfully, with minor spring influence and predictable flow rates, the largest challenge on the Pike is not whether the fish are in, but rather where they are.

The Pike River is another one of my favorites - in spots it can be quite scenic. Surf fishing from the beach is also a realistic possibility as the fish begin to stage for their runs. Much of the land surrounding the Pike River is privately owned, so permissions or "keep your feet wet" wading may be required. For those willing to hike, solitude can always be found somewhere on the Pike. Most years see adequate returns of King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Brown Trout in the fall, with the majority of Steelhead returning in the winter and spring.

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Images of the Pike River

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