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Southeastern Wisconsin (SE WI) Lake Michigan Tributaries

In a word - PHENOMENAL. Time it right and you have a shot at hooking up with more fish, larger fish, than you ever could have dreamed whether on a Fly Rod or Centerpin. Bottom line, all my inland trout fishing is simply biding my time for the tributary runs. Don't get me wrong, I love Northeast Iowa, but if I had to chose between a 50 fish day in Iowa vs. a 1 fish day in SE WI, I'll pick the one fish day in SE WI EVERY TIME.

The standard gear used for targeting these fish are 9'-10' Graphite Fly Rods in weights from 7-9 wt. Steelhead can be landed on rods as light as 6wt, although heavier is recommended. A wide variety of rods are available for your use during your trip. Leaders are often 9' or longer, with tippet sections ranging anywhere from 15lb test down to 4lb test depending on conditions. For those looking to try something truly different, custom made 8' 9" 8wt. Bamboo Fly Rods are available for rental; in the winter months those looking to try their hand at float fishing can rent custom made Centerpin Rods.

For those planning on tying or bringing their own flies, egg patterns in diameters ranging from 1 cm down to 3 mm, in every color imagineable, are a must have. The other essential, must have patterns include Egg Sucking Leaches or Wolly Buggers in sizes from 4-10, as well as at least one large, solid red pattern.

Our tributaries are host to strong runs of four salmonids species; review each to learn more about the best times and methods to target their annual migrations in Southeast Wisconsin - trip rundowns include all rates and guiding information:
King Salmon Trips
Coho Salmon Trips

Brown Trout Trips
Steelhead Trips

The Rivers

There are four main tributaries I guide during the spring, fall and winter runs. Between these four streams, at least one is always at a potential peak during the regular run seasons. Starting in Kenosha with the Pike River north to Milwaukee and the Milwaukee River, each stream is separated by only a 15-20 minute drive. While you may desire to fish a specific river, often times conditions will dicate that a particular river is simply "THE" place to be on the day of your guide. I will always suggest we head to the best river possible, but in the end the choice of river we fish is yours. I welcome you to review the links below and learn a bit more about my four "home rivers".
Pike River
Root River
Oak Creek
Milwaukee River

The Fishing

I've never seen larger, toothier smiles than on the faces of anglers in SE WI! The fishing is spectacular - all four species have the ability to get your heart racing and your hands trembling. Typical fish range from 5-25 lbs depending on the species. If a typical 12" inland trout already gets your adrenaline and blood pressure up, tributary fishing may be more than you can handle ;) - There's just something about the fishin' in southwest Wisconsin that puts the most unique smile on your face. Book a trip today if you've never experienced the feeling!

Fishing Southeast Wisconsin's Lake Michigan Tributaries for Salmon & Steelhead
Happy Southeast Wisconsin Tributary Anglers!


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