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MP's Wolley Trout

MP's Wolley Trout

This is a concoction I just came up with over the winter. I like the looks of it, and will probably give it some good tosses this spring.

Hook - Streamer, typically sizes 4-8
Tail - Orange Marabou
Body - Khaki Chenille, followed by a Black Chenille Shellback
Ribbing - copper wire
Hackel - Brown
Thread - Black

I start out tying this as a traditional wolley, but after tying in the tail I tie in the hackle, body chenille, ribbing, and top off with the black shellback chenille (reminiscent of the Bitch Creek Nymph). Wrap the body color chenille forward, and follow with the shellback chenille (which is "doubled up"). The palmer the hackle, and follow up with the copper wire ribbing. I'm very tempted to try tying this pattern with a brown or neutral marabou tail as well. Let me know what you think!

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