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MP's Greenback Shiner

This spey pattern was the result of 2 key inspirations; first, Ed Clary's Emerald Shiner Pattern (the native forage fish in Lake Erie) and second, my success with speys on my first trip to the Pennsylvania tribs.

So when it came time to head back to Pennsylvania, I had to develop at least one pattern that mimmicked the natural baitfish; hence MP's Greenback Shiner was born. Unfortunately the tribs were completely blown out and flooded, so this pattern remains untested...for now...

Hook - Daiichi 2161 Size 1
Body - White & Teal SLF mixed in equal portions
Counter Rib - Silver Flat Tinsel, Medium
Spey Hackle - Gray Schlappen
Wing - Olive-Dyed Mallard
Thread - Black 8/0

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