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Green Butt Skunk Spey

Everyone should have a Green Butt Skunk in their box, just in case. Well, I tied my spey-style; this popular pattern has so many renditions I'm not going to apply the "MP" lable to this variation, but simply present the materials used and encourage you to make your own Green Butt Skunk! I consider my hairwing speys to be a "Fusion Spey"; elements from hairwing salmon flies and traditional spey flies FUSED to create a new pattern or variation.

Hook - Partridge Bartleet 1/0
Tag - Fine Silver Oval Tinsel, 4 wraps.
2nd Tag - Red Floss
Butt - Chartruese Chenille, 1-2 turns.
Body - Black Chenille
Spey Hackle - Black Burned Goose Shoulder (Spey Hackle Substitute), tied in at the tip and wrapped forward.
Ribbing - Medium Flat Silver Tinsel - wrapped once for every 2 turns of hackle
Wing - White Bucktail
Thread - Black 8/0

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