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Dragon's Tooth Spey

From John Shewey's Book "Spey & Dee Flies - Their History & Construction", I always liked the looks of this fly, not to mention it was a really good use for all the Golden Pheasant body feathers I had on a pelt. Finding purple schlappen however wasn't so easy! On its first outing it went 1/12 in Pennsylvania at the Lake Erie Shore, in 1.5 hours. This fly looks AMAZING when wet. You better believe this is a CHOICE dark spey pattern that I'll continue to fish a lot!

Hook - Daiichi 2161 Size 1
Body - Purple SLF
Counter Rib - Silver Flat Tinsel, Medium
Secondary Counter Rib - Fine Silver Oval Tinsel
Spey Hackle - Purple Schlappen
Wing - 4 Golden Pheasant Brest Feathers (Red), set tented, overlaid with 2 GP Rump Feathers (Yellow, one on each side).
Throat - Gadwall
Thread - Red 8/0

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