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MP's "Bent Turkey"

Named for Tbender (bend, bent, get it?) who brought me a SLEW of wild turkey feathers to play around with! Anyway, after several attempts (over 2 hours) of concocting this pattern, here's the final version you see above:

Hook - Patridge Bartleet 1/0

Tag - Ten Turns Fine Gold Oval Tinsel + 1 turn red floss

Dubbing - Black SLF

Rib - Counterwound 4 Strand Floss, Red

Wing - Matched, Bronze w/light tip Turkey Body Feather Strips (Flank or Back I think..I don't have a whole skin to figure it out), set low and tented (spey style).

Throat - roughly 20 Strands of Fine Marabou stripped from the feather below where the "winging" materials are.

Thread - Black 8/0

Honestly, I thought a LONG TIME about how I wanted to hackle this spey, and when I held up some of the turkey marabou at the throught it all just made perfect sense; it didn't need a typical spey hackling...the long throat worked perfectly.

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