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the Popsicle

the Popsicle

The Popsicle was one of the first patterns I used during the Chinook runs. It accounted for numerous hookups! I fished it both on the swing and as a dead drift; it didn't seem to matter; the Chinooks LOVED it.

The Popsicle is one example of what is sometimes called a "Spider Spey", which means it's a spey pattern tied with a Marabou hackle.

Hook - Salmon, size 2 or larger is best
Body - Silver Flat Tinsel
Aft Hackle - Orange Marabou
Mid Hackle - Pink Marabou
Fore Hackle - Purple Marabou
Thread - orange (I used black 'cause I didn't have any orange handy!)

This is another one of those patterns that sees a lot of variations. There are a couple tying notes I'd like to share. First, stop short with the tinsel. Second, palmer the marabou, and as you complete each wind brush the fibers back with your hand. You really need a lot of space on the front of the hook to palmer in 3 marabou feathers!!! Some tiers will add a crest of peacock herl or silver tinsel, but I think this fly is amply dressed as is!

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