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Dull Surprise

Size #10 Dull Suprise, most likely tied by Joseph Meyer

The Dull Surpise is indeed pleasant; this fly was introduced to me by Joseph Meyer of One More Cast Fly Shop, when he gave me probably a dozen to try on my first trip to Pennsylvania. It's basically a beadhead estaz Pheasant Tail (PT) Nymph. Unfortunately, I spilled my fly box and most of the Dulls ended up underneath ASM's deck! I did manage to save a couple, although the only fish landed to date on the dull surprise have been chubs.

Not to fret, I recently tied up a couple dozen more because the pattern really has caught my eye. The only unusual part of this fly is tying the body if you've never done a PT Nymph. When you tie in the tail, use the longest pheasant tail fibers you can find. Tie in the tips, and then later you'll wrap the fibers around the hook to form the body. When you get to the point of the hook where you will start the thorax (estaz) you tie off the PT fibers on the top of the hook to stand roughly vertically. Later on you'll pull these fibers forward over the estaz to form the wingpad.

A couple final notes; I've found the silver bead heads to be more difficult to find; actually found them in the tackle building section of Bass Pro. Also, Estaz or Cactus Chennile comes in a couple sizes; I use med. for the size #10 that I've been tying, or you can go to the small size for flies probably under #12.

Hook - 3X long straight eye curved nymph hook
Thread - 8/0 tan
Tail - Pheasant tail fiber tips
Body - Pheasant tail fibers
Ribbing (OPTIONAL) - I've been adding fine silver ultrawire ribbing to my ties
Thorax - Olive Estaz
Wingpad - Pheasant tail fibers
Legs - Pheasant tail fiber tips
Head - Silver Bead


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