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MP's Egg-Sucking Steeley Stone

MP's Egg-Sucking Steeley Stone, tied as a bead head.

I LOVE this stonefly pattern. It's a blast to tie and although it looks complicated, it goes fast! I call this "MP's" only because I've slightly altered the pattern from the original egg-sucking stonefly, which was tied and sent to me by "Whatever" as part of the TSS swaps. I must fully credit "Whatever" with acquainting me with this pattern!

This pattern varies from the original I received in that I've gone back to a straight shank hook with downturned eye (the original is on a 3X long curved shank, straight eye). I have also removed the ribbing although this leaves the peacock herl body somewhat less structurally sound. I've also tied this pattern up as a bead head and am looking foward to this as one of my main goto patterns this spring.

Hook - Nymph, size 12
Tail - 2 Black Goose or Turkey Biots
Body - Peacock Herl
Thorax - any kind of chenille or dubbing you can think of
Wing - 2 Black Goos or Turkey Biots
Hackle - black
Thread - Black

MP's Egg-Sucking Steeley Stone (from left to right, top row first)
Ginger Chenille
Chartruese Chenille (the original coloration)
Purple Pearl Chenille (fine diameter)
Red Chenille
Flame Glo Bug Yarn
Green Pearl Chenille (regular diameter)

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