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MP's Root River Special (Spey)

MP's Root River Special (Spey)

Again, continuing to tie up new "fishy" patterns using commonly available (and affordable) materials. The inspiration for the fly came from Rich Brown's comments that "green" is truly the essential magic color on the Root River. Figured I needed a good green spey to swing this spring!

Some TIPS on tying: This pattern takes me about 20 minutes to tie. Tie in all ribbing materials and the antron yarn. Work the antron and thread forward about 2/3, at which point tie in the Spey Hackle (by the butt), work thread forward to collar position and follow with the antron yarn. Then wrap the primary and secondary rib forward and tie down. NOW palmer the spey hackel forward and tie down. AFTER winding the spey hackle I use the copper ultra wire COUNTER WOUND to the front to secure all the materials. The rest of the tie is straightforward.

This closeup shows the ribbing in detail

Pattern (as tied)
Hook - Daichii 2161 1
Body - Olive Antron Yarn
Primary Ribbing - Flat Gold Tinsel
Secondary Rib - Oval Silver Tinsel (fine)
Counter Rib - Fine Copper Ultra Wire
Spey Hackle - Ringneck Pheasant Rump Feather, Dyed Olive
Wing - Cinnamon Turkey
Collar- Olive Guinea Fowl
Thread - Black

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