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MP's Purple Whacker

MP's Purple Whacker

I've always loved the look of true spey flies but have found them too time consuming to tie, too expensive and difficult to find. So why the heck would I fish with the ones you can go buy or follow traditional patterns?!

This is one of my first patterns I started tying up this winter in an effort to create easy tying and affordable spey flies using everyday materials that you probably have sitting around even as a novice. You will find on all my spey flies that I include a ribbing; I do this to hold the more brittle Pheasant hackle in place (afterall I want durable flies!)

Pattern (as tied)
Hook - Salmon, size 4
Body - Black Chenille
Ribbing - Copper wire
Spey Hackle - Ringneck Pheasant Rump
Wing - Purple Marabou & Purple Krystal Flash
Cheek - Ringneck Pheasant back/shoulder feather
Thread - Black

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