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MP's Mad Cow (Dee Wing Spey)

My first hard-core attempt at tying up a nice Dee wing and it didn't come out too shabby. The fly pictures above though is VERY overdressed in the hackle department (it involves 4 turns of unstripped hackles); the next time I tie this I'll strip one side of the feather off.

I had the color mixtures in my head, wasn't sure what I was going to use for a wing, and I went totally overboard on the body. Enjoy (I'm sure some of you could tie this concoction better than I can!)

Pattern (as tied)
Hook - Daiichi 2161 Size 2
Underbody - Silver Tinsel
Base Body - Blue Floss
Leading Rib - Silver Oval Tinsel (fine)
Middle Rib - Hot Pike Floss (one strand)
Trailing Rib - Purple Floss
Counter Rib - Copper Ultra Wire (fine)
Spey Hackle - from aft to front; 1 turn Blue, 1 turn Purple, 1 turn black
Collar - 1 turn Guinea Fowl
Wing - Silver Phesant Wing Strips
Thread - Black

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