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MP's Jewel (Spey)

MP's Jewel (Spey)

A lovely combination of colors and feathers! A special tying note; the silver pheasant quill is rather flat, so when tying in the wing it may take several attempts to get it right, as they tend to want to turn flat against the hook! One potential solution would be to thread the quills through the open flat portion of the hook eye that most salmon hooks have; this may allow them to ride flat and upright! Due to this snag in materials usage, this fly is still taking me 30 minutes to tie (well).

Pattern (as tied)
Hook - Daichii 2161 size 1
Tag - Fine Silver Oval Tinsel (4 wraps)
Underbody - Flat Silver Tinsel (maintains the color of the floss when wet)
Body - Pink Floss
Ribbing - Oval Silver Tinsel (fine) - over floss
Thorax - Yellow Antron Hare Dubbing
Spey Hackle - Cocktail, Dyed Yellow & one side stripped, pulled downwards while tying
Wing - Matched Silver Pheasant Shoulder
Thread - Black

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