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MP's El Cheapo

MP's El Cheapo

The fun part of tying Salmon flies is that it's really more style in my opinion. You don't need to seek out crazy feathers, or materials you're only going to use just to tie salmon flies. By the same token you don't need to spend an hour tying a single fly, especially one you intend to fish with.

"El Cheapo" was a pattern I came up with using no new materials, only stuff I had lying around. It takes a bit more time to tie due to having a higher material count, and they always end up too pretty to fish, but I'm sure I'll toss at least one this spring!

Hook - Salmon, size 6
Tail - Golden Pheasent Crest
Tag - Red Floss
Body - Back 1/2 Silver Flat Tinsel, Forward 1/2 dubbed Orange Marabou
Inner Wing - Ringneck Pheasant Shoulder Feather
Outer Wing / Cheek - Ringneck Pheasant Neck Feather
Throat - Orange Marabou
Thread - Black

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