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MP's Antron Bug

MP's Antron Bug (from left to right, top row first)
- Gray Hackle, Grey Neerhair body, Olive NeerHair Back, Metal Eyes
- Brown Hackle, Tan Neerhair Body, Gray Neerhari Back, Plastic Eyes
- Brown Hackle, Tan Neerhair Body, Malard Flank Back, Plastic Eyes
- *Brown Hackle, Tan Neerhair Body, Herring Krystal Back, Plastic Eyes

Another killer pattern that will definitely get put through the paces in the 2003 Spring Run. The traditional Antron Bug is tied on a 6-10 straight shank hook, and utilizes a ginger chenille body and dark brown Antron Yarn Shellback. The Antron Bug was recently cited in a Fly Fishing Magazine as a pattern than outfished Glo-Bugs 7-1.

The main variation I've made to the Antron Bug pattern is to go smaller, size 10-12, on a curved shank. I've also played a lot with the materials to get a fly more to my liking (a size 6 traditional Antron Bug just looks too BIG in my opinion).

What really got me hooked on this fly was its first time in the water; I trailed it as a dropper to a "Coho Killer" wolley in cold December water, sightfishing a female Coho. She completely ignored the wolley, but SLAMMED the tiny Herring/Tan Antron (pictured in lower right*).

Since then I've fished this fly, especially the herring-back version, extensively. I've had a couple more fish come on to it. I sent some to Nardo and he tried them out in the SW WI Coulee region...2 winter browns can now be added to this fly's "body count" ;)

Hook - Curved Shank Caddis, size 10 or 12
Tail - extension of the shellback materials (I like Neer Hair)
Body - varies (I've typically been using Neer-Hair)
Hackle - I typically go brown
Eyes - Plastic Bead Chain or Metal Bead Chain (for a heavy, faster sinking version)
Thread - appropriate color

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