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MP's Purple X

First let me say that "MP's Purple X" is a temp name; if someone knows an existing name for the pattern as tied below let me know!

So Rob Estlund ( gave me some great tips via critiquing MP's Black Laced Spey and a discussion of the "Spey" definition. So Rob, this one's for you! This Spey is tied in a style that is just about as traditional as you can get!

Pattern (as tied)
Hook - Daiichi 2161 (Size 1)
Underbody - Flat Siver Tinsel, Medium
Body - Purple Floss
Rib - Flat Silver Tinsel, Fine
Spey Hackle - Purple, tied just starting at the first rib and moving forward.
Wing - Bronze Mallard
Throat - Mallard
Thread - Black

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