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MP's Pink Attempt

I tried something new on in the creation of this pattern. I recently came across a method for creating "tip dyed" marabou without actually using a dye, but instead simply "painting" the feather with a black permenant marker. I do have to say that this really did NOT work well; more black ended up on my hands than anyplace else. In the long run, pre-tip-dyed marabou would be a much better feather to use. One other thing that I want to note on this pattern is the use of the straight shank salmon hook; on a Marabou / Spider Spey such as this pattern the hook is not often visible anyways; thus the visual appeal of the curved shank is lost on a pattern like this. So skip the more expensive curved shanks and just go straight.

Pattern (as tied)
Hook -Gamakatsu T10-6H, size 1
Underbody - Flat Siver Tinsel, Medium
Body - Flourescent Pink Floss
Rib - Black Ultra Wire, Medium
Spey Hackle - Pink Marabou, tip-dyed black (in this case, simply utilized a black Sharpie!)
Thread - Black

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