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MP's Egg Spey

Alright, here's my spin on a pattern that we've been seeing crop up on places like eBay! A fusion of modern materials and the "estaz" egg into the tradtional spey pattern creates the one example of the "Fusion Spey", my name for the melting pot of "spey" flies that really marry the spey style with something borrowed from another style! Most of the "egg speys" I've seen on websites don't have a wing; I wanted a wing here so but didn't want to roof the fly or take over the main attractor (the "egg"), so I looked into my materials for something I had no use for that could be applied here; The Silver Pheasant Crest was a great match. It added that touch of metallic sheen that natural feathers carry while keeping the hackle look up top. I think these are going to look DYNAMITE in the water. Furthemore, this would be an easy pattern to vary by simply switching the color of the Ultra Wire and Krystal Chenille.

Pattern (as tied)
Hook - Daiichi 2161 (Size 1)
Body - Black Floss
Rib - Chartruese Ultra Wire (Sm)
Counter Rib - Chartruese Ultra Wire (Sm)
Thorax - Estaz / Krystal Chenille (Green)
Spey Hackle - Black
Wing - 2 Silver Pheasant Crests
Thread - Black

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