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MP's Black-Laced Spey (Yellow)

Whiting Hackle has this great genetic Hen Hackle called "Black Laced" - basically the feathers are black with a large white center. Via dye they create these phenomenally marked hackles...exceptional for hackle as it creates this gorgeous "black tipped" effect. However, the feathers are STUNNING on their own; I couldn't resist the yellow! I simply HAD to incorporate this into a spey fly, and MP's Black-Laced Yellow resulted. I'm probably going to tie "MP's Black-Laced Spey" in a variety of other colors, as these feathers are dyed in a whole rainbow. Simply switch the dubbing and color of the hackles in the variations (see a few new versions I tied up below)!

FYI the best price I've found on these feathers is from ORVIS (believe it or not). Each cape is $9 for a silver grade....not a bad deal at all! - Click Here to see the Orvis Product Listing

Pattern (as tied)
Hook - Daiichi 2161 (Size 1)
Body - Silver Flat Tinsel (sm)
Rib - Black Ultra Wire (med)
Thorax - Antron Hare Dubbing (here in yellow)
Spey Hackle - Ringneck Pheasant Rump, dyed black
Wing - Matched Black-Laced Whiting Hen Hackle (here in yellow)
Thread - Black

Additional Color Variations; First Chartreuse!

Flourescent Orange!

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