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MP's 2003

This was another one of my "affordable & fast" spey patterns that I concocted and liked! Again, my goal was to use only materials I had readily available anyways! One tying note; palmer the hackle first and THEN lay down the copper wire (I usually do 2-3 turns of wire for every one turn of hackle); this is to keep the hackle protected as I've found pheasant rumps to be rather brittle.

I haven't tried this yet but it LOOKS like it'd be a killer, especially in the more muted natural tones of this pattern. I hope to tie up a whole bunch more and try it out this spring.

Pattern (as tied)
Hook - Daiichi 2161 Size 4
Body - Black Chenille
Ribbing - Copper Wire
Spey Hackle - Ringneck Pheasant Rump Feather, Natural
Wing - Ringneck Pheasant Breast Feather (aka. the "Heart Feather")
Throat - Black Hackle
Thread - Black

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