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Golden Spey

Definitely makes a $10 Golden Pheasant Skin a worthwhile investment. I've simplified this pattern slightly in the materials department; it's a very affordable and easy tie! The fly above is tied on a size 2 Gamakatsu Salmon Hook (straight shank); the fly below is tied on the Daiichi 2161 Size 1 (curved shank). What a difference the hook style can make in a pattern!

Pattern (as tied below)
Hook - Salmon, Size 2 (above), Daiichi 2161, size 1 (below)
Underbody - Silver Flat Tinsel (keeps the yellow floss true to color when wet)
Body - Rear 1/2 = Yellow Floss, Front 1/2 = Black Floss
Body Veil / Underwing - Golden Pheaseant Tippets
Ribbing - Fine Oval Tinsel, Silver
Spey Hackle - Black
Wing - Golden Pheasant Crest
Thread - Black

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