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Copper Guinea Spey

I found this simplified spey pattern in Matt Supinski's "Steelhead Dreams" book. The fly above is tied with no modification from the original pattern. The fly (and pattern) below changes things slightly. This particular set of flies also illustrates an interesting tying topic; the fly above uses a folded Guinea hackle. In the fly below I stripped the right side of the guinea hackle, which results in the more traditional, sparser spey "style". I'd be more apt to fish the above fly in faster water (i.e. riffles) and the lower fly in slower moving waters such as pools and tailouts.

Pattern (as tied below)
Hook - Salmon, here tied on a size 4 or 6
Body - Gold Flat Tinsel
Ribbing - closely ribbed with fine copper ultra wire
Thorax - Peacock Hearl
Spey Hackle - Natural Black Guinea
Thread - Black

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