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Black Heron Spey

I have seen at least 6 different variations all called the Black Heron Spey. The ones that caught my attention most have used hackle tips for the wing, such as the one I tied above. This traditional pattern is certainly one to try..very similar to using a black wolley bugger, but a much more elegant fly!

Pattern (as tied above)

Hook - Daiichi 2161 size 1
Body - 1/2 silver tinsel, front have Black Chenille
Rib - Silver Oval Tinsel, Fine
Spey Hackle - Black
Throat / Collar - Guinea Fowl
Wing - 4 Matched Black Hackle Tips (or Hen Tips, or Black Quill Segments)
Thread - Black

Another variation that I've also seen as the "Black Heron"; this was actually one of my first "traditional" spey ties ever:

Differences in the second fly:

Hook - Salmon, Size 2
Body - black floss
Main Rib - Silver Flat Tinsel
Leading Rib - Fine Oval Tinsel, Silver
Spey Hackle - Gray

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