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Atomic Satellite Moe Fo

Atomic Satellite Moe Fo in Chartreuse, Orange Roe, and Neon Fire Orange (opaque).

My own concoction based on the "Satellite" pattern in Matt Supinski's book, "Steelhead Dreams". While I'm not going to discuss the formation of glue eggs in great here, once you get the hang of it they're pretty easy. The trick is to spin the surface you're sqeezing the glue onto, and to drop it in cold water when it's reached shape.

This pattern fishes very well in fast sinks fast allowing for less or no weight on the leader. The ASMF has already produced several Salmon for my friends in just the first couple months of existance!

Pattern (as tied above)
Hook - Diiachi 2161 #4 (any SHARP salmon hook will do)
Thread - White 8/0
3 or 4 Satellite Moe Eggs - Glue eggs formed on 8 lb. Pline Flourocarbon (most any clear mono / flouro. will do, just make sure it's strong).
"Sperm" / Milt - White Marabou
Head - Moe Egg formed at head of fly.

Tying instructions are pretty easy too. Cut several 2" sections of the fishing line and put a square knot at one end. Form the glue eggs around the knots. I make up 50 or more of these at a shot because it's the most painful part of making this fly.

Once you've created your satellites, tie them in at various lengths in the upper 1/3 section of the hook shank with the white thread. Tie the eggs in along the back of the hook shank...eggs that can sit in the hook gap will severly limit your hookups! Trim off the excess fishing line at the front of the hook.

Add in the White Marabou in front and allow it to be attached all over the shank (i.e. let it spin could hackle one turn of marabou but it's really not necessary). Make sure you are leaving ample room at the head of the fly for the glue egg head.

Once you've tied in the marabou and satellites, apply head cement and let it dry. After drying, for a glue egg at the head of the fly, over the thread wraps and such. Of special note, I have a much harder time forming these...I believe the thread wraps help cool the glue faster...making a good head more tough. It may be wise to experiment with less thread wraps, and thus perhaps the hook shank stays hotter and the glue forms better.

Below is my original prototype; I formed the eggs on silver ultra wire. The original was tied with 5 satellites, which proved to be too many.

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