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I'll be utilizing the email list for the following:

  • to announce new reports as they come online (this could happen anytime, day or night, even hours apart)

  • to let you know about great deals I may find

  • to shamelessly promote fun things (like Fat's Fly School, the Canada trip etc..)

  • to keep you informed about other really cool news as it happens

  • to encourage you to participate in worthwhile charitable events

  • to spam you incessently!

Ok, so I'm joking on the last one, but you may get several emails in a given week if things are jumpin' around here! So my groundrules; if someone wants to make my subscribers a really cool deal, i.e. like a fly shop offering folks on this list a 25% coupon, I'm gonna do it! But my main goal here is to keep you absolutely as "in the loop" as you can be. It's an opt-in, opt-out kinda thing. This is where you control YOUR status. List goes downhill and you want to jump ship, go for it! Think your missing out on stuff (I guarantee you are!) then get onboard!

Here's the deal, you can subscribe or remove yourself via the form below, so don't ASK me to add you, update you or take you off, do it yourself! IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION for your subscription or removal, you entered your email address incorrectly and you're not gonna get ANYTHING! If emails sent to your address start bouncing back for ANY reason your email will be removed!

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